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So tonight I watched the Lady Vols win there 8th National Championship. I watched it and though that it was pretty cool. At first when I turned on the TV at about 7pm everyone was talking about how Stanford was going to win and crush Tennessee. Well, lets just say that that didn’t happen. I think that it was really good for the University of Tennessee to win this National Championship because it really helps with students wanting to go here. As bad as it sounds, I really think that some students decide where they want to attend school based on who win National Championships. Because of this, I think that UT can really help itself good really good, positive exspoure in places that the University of Tennessee isn’t really well known. Also, having lived in Connecticut, its really fun to make fun of all my friends that go to UConn. UConn was ranked #1 and was suppose to tear the tournament up, but it really didn’t happen that way! Also, I was really happen that Kansas won the National Championship. My roommate was a really big “Tiger High” fan, and we bet some money on it. I was really glad to take his money, casue not only did they pretty much throw the game away, but they went out went the bang. Overall, this week(end) has been really good in my opinion when it comes to sports.
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Overall my weekend and last week was pretty fun. The past weekend (Easter weekend) I got to go to Chicago with Air Force. It was the first time that I had ever been there and it was a really cool city. We did a lot of stuff, like the Sears Tower, which was on of my favorite things because it’s just really unique. Going to the top of 110 stories was interesting, but it was weird too cause at the same time, news helicopters are flying lower than you are. We also went to the Navy Pier, which was pretty cool. It’s a pier (obviously) but it has like a biosphere on it and a huge mall with some pretty cool stores in it. We also saw Wrigley Field and went to the Chicago Institute of Art. The art museum was A LOT of fun. It was the first time I have ever seen Monet’s, Picasso, Van Gogh, and a lots of other famous artist. We also saw the gothic American farmers pictures, which was really cool. It was weird seeing all the art that you studies in school in real life. Overall it was really fun weekend, and I would defiantly go back to Chicago and recommend it to anyone that is looking for somewhere to go.
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This weekend was one that was pretty eventful. I had originally planned to go paintball with Air Force for much of the month, and was really looking forward to it, then was looking forward to go to the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series at the Atlanta on Sunday. It turned out though; on Friday afternoon because of the impending weather paintball had been cancelled. My roommate and I decided to make the most of this, and went down Friday night to Atlanta, so that we could see some of the nationwide racing on Saturday and then, like we had planned the Sprint cup on Sunday. This had only been the second NASCAR event I had ever been too, and I remember the first one being a lot of fun. About 20 years ago, my family bought a spot on the infield of the Atlanta Motor Speedway and we have had it ever since. We usually don’t use it, but this year my dad bought a bus, so we did. It fun to see the cars in real life. They a lot faster than you realize and also it’s really interesting (and sometime enjoyable) to see the car crashes. The crowd also tends to be fun to watch. Overall, both of the events where really fun, and my roommate and I enjoyed it a lot.
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This weekend was a pretty boring one. There was nothing really going on except for the Kentucky game, which was pretty eventful. On Saturday, I went to the SAE Boxing Tournament, which was really fun. It was fun to see people get the crap beat out of them. On Sunday, like I said earlier I got up at 830, to go wait in line for the Kentucky game. Ended up we got seats in the 3rd row, right behind Mrs. And Mr. Loften. They were really nice and talked to us throughout the whole entire game. At the start of the game, Tennessee went up 20-5 and it looked like the game was going to be a complete blowout, which beating Kentucky is always fun, but killing Kentucky is always that much better. But, it wasn’t going happen on Sunday. Kentucky, over the course of 20 minutes of play, started to come back, and with about 7 minutes left, they tied the game. At that point, even the Loftens were concerned. But, with some really good defense, Tennessee was able to stop Kentucky and won the whole game. So with the Tennessee win and fun Friday and Saturday, this weekend was someone uneventful but very fun.
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I think that writing a dairy on paper was kind of different. Its not that I didn’t like it, I just didn’t like writing it out. I know this sounds lazy, but it seems though that if was online, its very easy to retrieve and what not, instead of having to flip through all the pages of your diary, and just go to Feb-08 and pull up your entry from the 18th or what ever day you wrote it. I also didn’t like it because I had terrible spelling and it seemed messed up and everything. I also found that with writing a paper journal, I was just writing to fill up space and sometime it really wasn’t even making sense, where with my personal blog, I can go and re-word stuff to make it easier to read. I also think that when I write my journals out by hand that the hand writing is really bad, and it makes it really hard to read, which is also a problem, because if you can really read it, and my organization is off because I cant re-edit it. Sometime it can/could get really hard to follow. I also thought that it took about twice as much time as it did to write something like this size, so being the kind of lazy person I am, I really didn’t like that all that much. Overall, I just prefer to have the online. It does the same think and is a lot simpler.
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So i'm sitting in my room trying to think of my something for my blog, and my roommate is currently playing Jurassic Park about as loud as he can. From what I can tell, has right at the part where they are running for the dinosaur, and keeps yelling over interesting facts about T-Recs…because most people care about them at 6 o’clock but, oh well, that’s that. If my grammar doesn’t make sense or I skip around on my train of though…. now you know why!
I was watching the Tennessee Lady Vols vs. Rutgers women’s basketball Monday night and was very interested to see both teams play. I usually don’t watch women’s basketball unless Tennessee is playing in the National Championship, but it was either do that, or write my English 102 blog. As you should be able to tell, I chose to watch the game (sorry Ms. D) and it ended up to be a very good game. I thought UT was going to cruise to a win after being up by over 10 in the first half, but Rutgers really game. I thought it was really interesting how with .02 seconds the clock stopped and that’s when the foul was called. As I watched the next day on ESPN all the talk show host are saying that everyone is scared of UT. Personally, I think that UT won unfairly, any many people say its cause they are all afraid of Pat Summitt. At the end of the day, that’s why we pay our coaches, to help the player, and to intimidate the referees, and win, and I think that the Lady Vols did that very well on Monday night. Thus I'm happy.
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On Sunday, most if not all of us where probably watching the Super Bowl. (there was a record 98 million people tuned in, making it a Super Bowl record!) I was very excited about the Giants win, but I was also VERY excited about the opportunity to view some the best commercials of the year, all in one sitting. What I found really interesting, was that each other commercials cost 2.7 million for just 30 seconds!

My Favorites include,
( http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=8522943351550378712&q=2008 coke super bowl commercials&total=20&start=0&num=10&so=0&type=search&plindex=5)
I really liked this commercials because it has James Carville and Bill Frist and it shows them at first bickering, but at the end they were both friends and were working together. At the end of the commercial, it just make me seem happy.

(http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-7112848591344487148&q=2008 fedex super bowl commercials&total=16&start=0&num=10&so=0&type=search&plindex=3)
I liked this one just because it was original and I thought it was pretty funny. They took an idea that was for hundreds of years, and modernized and it made for a really really funny commercials.

(http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-3413225736226082504&q=2008 doritos super bowl commercials&total=12&start=0&num=10&so=0&type=search&plindex=0)
Some of my friends thought that this one was dumb, but it was one of my favorites. It made my laugh, and certainly didn't really expect it and I remember that it was the Dorito's commercial so it got the job done. (I thought it got the job done well)

(http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-1157305568061351176&q=2008 bud light super bowl commercials&total=64&start=0&num=10&so=0&type=search&plindex=1)
I liked this commercial because it a knock off of Rocky, except it had all the Budweiser classics, like the Budweiser clydesdales, the coach, and also the dalmation. It left me happy at the end when he was picked to be the next Budweider clydesdale.

Overall, i think that the commercials this year were some of the best. Along with the Giants win, it made for a very very fun night!
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i found this blog under that sports and its pretty cool. Its all about the Memphis Grizzlies, Tigers and Tennessee Titans. If seemed very intresting and pretty cool when i was reading it
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So I was really excited last week when I woke up last Monday and went on ESPN.com and saw that Tennessee men’s basketball was ranked number three in the country! It seems as if it was only a couple of years do I remember that we where absolutely horrible and seemed as if even the Lady Vols Basketball team could beat our men’s. I think that the February 23rd game against the University of Memphis is going to be absolutely insane. Even after our lost to Kentucky (which was kind of bad, we lost to Kentucky, and they don’t even have a winning record) and a win over UGA we come in this week ranked #7. It’s quite possible that on February 23rd, both teams could be Top-5. One thing that I really would like to see though is Memphis stay undefeated. That way, the win will be even bigger and also…since it’s so close to the NCAA Tournament we take their one seed. My hope is that we beat them, but would be even better is if we beat them, then we played them again in the NCAA, and beat them again. I think that would be pretty cool, then maybe for the next couple of months, would could have a break from the hype about how good Memphis is.
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